Introduction to Statics

Resources for Students

You have probably reached this page through some sort of a search engine. You're a little early. I have finished getting the text book on line and will be starting development of this page soon.

I plan for this part of the Secrets of Engineering website to include:
an old secret and a bit of a tip:
When Professor Plants entered the University of Missouri (now UM-Columbia) she had a "photographic memory." She could look at her textbook and remember the pages, then during examinations she could mentally "open the book" and refer to it while answering questions. The trouble was that the test questions were never quite the same as the examples in the text. She found herself wasting valuable time by trying to match things up. She learned that it was easier, and faster, to learn how to solve the problems using the methods the instructors taught.
The purpose of the solutions and grading keys is not to give you solutions to memorize, it is to show you how an instructor is likely to look at your work when determining your grade.

After 30 years of teaching statics I have half a file drawer of old quiz and exam keys.