Introduction to Statics (.PDF Edition)


Helen Margaret Lester Plants - Late Professor Emerita

Wallace Starr Venable - Emeritus Associate Professor

West Virginia University, Morgantown, West Virginia

© Copyright 2010 by Wallace Venable

Introduction to Statics is a semester-length textbook for a university level course. It consists of 31 study units plus the Notebook. In a 3-day per week setting, each unit is essentially a homework assignment. We required students to study the units outside of class, then take a quiz at the beginning of a class session. A small sample collection of these quizzes is accessible on the Resources for Instructors page.

The Notebook is designed to provide easy access to a summary for review or later reference.

The text uses, and teaches, a vector approach to statics problems. The materials on properties of areas, mass center, and mass moment of inertia help the student use calculus, when necessary, as well as covering tabular solution for combined areas and composite bodies.

Although it should not ever be necessary for an experienced mechanics teacher to say this, the units emphasize the use of free body diagrams.

Course material is NOT simplified, but learning is made easier through a step-by-step instructional procedure.

A printed version of the text was used at West Virginia University for many years. The book was also available commercially through West Publishing for about a decade, and was used in other schools.

The book, in its revised form, is available for free download as .PDF files via the link below.

Introduction to Statics - Table of Contents