The primary purpose of this website is to distribute "Free Access Texts" - a form of "User Supported" course materials which are something like shareware software - for Engineering Mechanics course. In addition, support materials for the texts and courses will be included.

Statics, Dynamics, and Mechanics of Materials are courses focused on topics in physics used primarily in mechanical, civil, aerospace, and related areas of engineering. In America, these courses are typically taken in the second year of university level programs leading to accredited bachelors' degrees in engineering.

During the period from about 1964 through 1985 West Virginia University faculty developed and used "programmed textbooks" in these engineering mechanics courses. The instructional materials and the method in which they were used was very effective and popular with most students. The primary problem involving the use of these texts was the production and distribution of about 1500 pages for each course. The recent growth in popularity of "electronic texts" makes it possible to overcome this problem, and to distribute the texts at a very modest cost. I have begun the process of creating etexts from the original paper ones.

I plan to allow any individual to download the text without charge. Users will be encouraged to send a monetary gift for the support of the project, as well as taking part in the project by supplying corrections, sample quizzes or examinations, and suggestions.

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Currently this site includes access to samples of the etext for Statics supplied as .PDF files.
  • Introduction to Statics

  • A Programmed Introduction to Dynamics
  • A Programmed Introduction to Mechanics of Materials
The texts use, and teach, a vector approach to problems in Statics and Dynamics. In Statics, the use of calculus is expected, but not mandatory if an instructor follows suggestions in the Teachers Guide. Course material is NOT simplified, but learning is made easier through a step-by-step instructional procedure.

I expect the complete Statics text to be ready for general use by mid July.
Completion of the Dynamics text is projected for January 2011.

Resources for Instructors

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